The JBG Club 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm for August 9th meeting will be at Wednesday, August 9th at Metal Monkey Brewing 515 Anderson Dr Ste 900, Romeoville, IL 60446! Come to a meeting to discuss all things beer and homebrewing!

Competitions info 2023
                 September: Oktoberfest beers
                 December: Big & Dark
JBG Brewer of The Year Points Opportunities:
                 Charlie Orr Memorial Competition
Homebrewers Showcase
                 Last Wednesday of each month
                 Wednesday August 30th at Will County
                 Coming this year: historical beers showcase, mead/cider showcase.
More to come
Merch will be available via a website in the coming weeks.  See JBG Social Club Facebook group.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, August 8th at Metal Monkey Brewing  @ 7pm - Monthly JBG meeting at 515 Anderson Dr Ste 900, Romeoville, IL 60446, Membership is only $2 a month, and benefits include a 10% off discount at Brew and Grow- Dues are payable via PayPal- talk to Tony.  Please continue to support all member breweries and club supporters!  Please speak with us to get on the email list.

515 Anderson Dr Ste 900, Romeoville, IL 60446

Upcoming Events:

Please check on our facebook page for up to date information.

Summer tour dates/locations are happening, and will be limited to JBG affiliated breweries

If you are a new member and do not have access to the private JBG Social Club Facebook page please message us through our public page to gain access.

  • Next meeting, Wednesday, August 9th at Metal Monkey Brewing
  • Homebrew Showcase Wednesday, August 30th at Will County Brewing
  • 10/7 The capa beer walk > Ask Paulie for details or use this link
  • Full calendar of events is available on the website.



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