A Note from the President of the Joliet Brewers Guild:

Hello members and supporters!  As you know, the challenging and unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 virus has caused a lot of interruptions in our usual lives: socially, emotionally, and otherwise.  I have seen and heard a lot of negativity and uncertainty in people on social media and in person.  This note isn’t about all of that stuff though, but rather some ideas of how we can be positive, and make a difference during a strange time!

  • TO-GO/CURBSIDE PICKUP- With the shutdown of breweries, restaurants, and bars, the livelihood of many of our friends and Guild members have been affected.  There is a comprehensive list here of all the websites of craft breweries offering these services, along with any specials they might have.  You can grab fresh crowlers, growlers, bottles or cans to fill up your fridge without even leaving your car!
  • GIFT CARDS- When this is all over, it will be nice to get out and have a beer to share war stories about trying to get toilet paper and milk. 🙂 Buy a gift card online now, which supports our friends, then we can get together over a few pints later on!
  • KEGS- One unique thing that homebrewers have going for us is that a lot of us keg our beer, and have keezers in our house.  If you don’t have all your taps full, look into grabbing a sixtel! I found a little instructional video, there’s a few tweaks and a couple pieces of equipment you need, and you can have tasty local brews pouring in the garage! Aside from local breweries, Iron & Glass and The Open Bottle are still offering keg sales as well!!!
  • HOMEBREWING- So if we’re asked to stay at home, what a great time to be a homebrewer!!!  Our friends at Chicago Brew Werks are offering curbside pickup for free!  You go online, put together an order of hops, grain, yeast, etc. pay in advance and they run it directly out to your car.  They also have a low shipping rate to send it to your house.
    Brew and Grow is also offering curbside pickup, you can call the shop ahead of time (630-771-1410) or bring a list to the shop and they will pick your order or you. Payments will be processed when orders are picked up.

So again, just some thoughts to support friends, and make a crazy situation into something positive!!! Until we meet again, JAY BEE GEE for life!!!
Kevin Promis, JBG President


Next Meeting:

April 8, 2020

Due to Covid-19 the JBG will be hosting our first ever virtual meeting. Grab your favorite homebrew and find a comfy spot in front of a computer the JBG is going virtual! We will discuss a little club business after which we will be joined by special guest Matt Boling of the American Homebrewers Association giving us a presentation on "Ideas for great club events", following his presentation we will have a virtual happy hour to discuss our beers and talk to friends. Zoom link and information can be found on our Facebook Page.

Online via Zoom

Upcoming Events:

At this time all upcoming JBG events are tentative. Ourselves as well as our meeting places are abiding by the mandatory social distancing protocols put in place by the State and Federal government. Please check on our facebook page for up to date information.

If you are a new member and do not have access to the private JBG Social Club Facebook page please message us through our public page to gain access. We have already hosted a virtual hangout with several members attending.

We hope to see everyone when this pandemic is under control.

Cheers, and stay safe!


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