Club Only Competitions

We hold various competitions throughout the year to celebrate the diversity and talent of all of the great brewers in our club. Throughout the year we will hold style specific competitions that will be judged by a panel of non participating members and guest judges.

JBG Brewer of the Year Rules 2022 Club Competitions and B.O.Y Points

All competitions will be held and judged at Mad Hatchet Brewing (Shorewood)


Summer Smash beers: Judging June 5th

Oktoberfest beers: Judging September 11th

Big and Dark: Judging December 11th 

Points System

First place: 10 points

Second place: 8 points

Third place: 6 points

Outside competitions

One point for entering, 2 points if entry finishes top 3

June - Summer SMaSH

For the SMaSH Comp, single malt, single hop, single water, single yeast for the summer.

Summer SMaSM Winners
  1.  Joe Froehlich
  2.  Bill George
  3.  John Palanchar

September - Oktoberfest

For the Oktoberfest Comp, break out the lederhosen, cook a bratwurst and get your homebrew ready an Oktoberfest stein.

September Oktoberfest Winners
  1. John Palanchar
  2.  Jason Sullivan
  3.  Bill George

December - Big and Dark

The myth... The legend... The mother of all JBG competitions! Brew any style you want as long as it's big (8.5 ABV or higher) and dark (30 SRM or higher)! This competition is where legends are made, so get brewing early. Due Dec 11th before noon (See Facebook for more Details).

Big and Dark Winners

2022 Brewer of the Year Standings

  1. Bill George 21 points
  2. John Palanchar 16 points
  3. Joe Froehlich 15 points

Previous Brewers of the Year

  • 2021 - Joe Froehlich and Bill George
  • 2020 – Mark Lekovish
  • 2019 – Mike Davidson
  • 2018 - Doug Walling
  • 2017 - Joel Rakoski
  • 2016 - Joel Rakoski
  • 2015 - Jason Janes
  • 2014 - Jason Janes
Brewer of the Year 2018